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Get more from staff, partners and stakeholders using e-Consultation
, Virtual meetings and e-Workshops 

Make meeting time more efficient by dealing with issues identification and 'context setting whiteboard work' before the meeting even starts.

Make best use of participant's energy and ideas in meetings by using our structured email processes to conduct Virtual Consultation, Virtual Meeting or e-Workshop as a precursor to boardroom discussion, team strategy sessions network development, - our services are ideal as an ideas generator or consultation tool. 

This system is also suitable for Policy Round Tables.

If there are issues to assess or strategies to be maximised within your business or organisation, our services can be applied as a virtual workshop, virtual consultation forum, or virtual meeting. In some instances our services can replace the need to physically meet, resulting in reduced travel costs and more effective use of time. 

Our Virtual Consultation
, Virtual Meeting & e-Workshops Service is ideal for: 

  • Staff/stakeholder consultation 

  • Identifying options and approaches through brainstorming 

  • Planning - Conference, strategic or mission 

  • Information synthesis, 

  • Data analysis 

  • Project or program evaluation reviews 

  • Selecting ideas for guest speakers 

  • Role playing and scenario analysis 

  • Performing a SWOT analysis 

  • Group decision-making and problem solving 

  • Depolarisation of issues through group awareness 

  • A learning tool

Our virtual meetings and e workshops provide a structured but open and non-intrusive way of gathering information and opinion and allow individuals to revise their views through awareness of overall responses, rather than through pressure from individuals. 

Our online techniques reduces travel costs, removes risks related to absence from the workplace and enhances the value of later face-to-face meeting time, or telephone conferencing. 

Our Virtual Consultation & E-Workshops are conducted
using unique structured and facilitated email strategies. In some instances a section may involve the use of a secure discussion board. They do not involve video conferencing, nor are they conducted in real time, which places unreasonable pressure on participants. The structure and time frames allow participants to fit the process into their normal daily activities and invites carefully considered input. Our services are ideal for companies or organisations with regional or international offices, or even staff spread across teams or throughout a building.Virtual Meetings, virtual consultations & E-Workshops reach firm conclusions and save time and money. 

When contentious issues are discussed, participants can remain anonymous, makingour service ideal for the voicing of open and honest opinions that are not always expressed in a face-to-face situation. Our process moderates forceful participants while equalising the opportunity for talented individuals who work best in a different context. This allows improved group interaction and creation of more rigorous outcomes than traditional workshopping. 

Our services are an improvement to an in-person workshop in that: 

  • All input is displayed and shared 

  • It achieves consensus, while preventing any individual from influencing the views of others, 

  • Opportunity exists for interaction between each round of commentary by participants 

  • Input is able to be easily rated and assessed by participants 

  • There is a start and end date 

  • There is a superior cost saving in terms of time out of office, travel and accommodation 

We apply our proven six-step process to achieve your goals.

  1. We discuss with you, your needs and objectives. This includes your timing, business goals and issues at hand. 

  2. We structure a commitment-based Virtual Consultation or E-Workshop Service around your task and needs

  3. We work with you to develop background papers if required and details of the meeting service for presentation to the participants

  4. We distribute the daily guidelines, 

  5. Receive and process responses from the participants

  6. We can prepare a facilitator's summary of issues for wider distribution as appropriate.

  7. We also offer a continuing discussion board service depending on your needs/interests after the workshop

  8. Most importantly, we assist you collect authentic fact and opinion as gathered through the workshop and appraise it against your needs while reducing the impact of personalities in the process. 

Our Virtual Consultation & E-Workshops Service involves several 'rounds' and requires minimal time from each participant. While 100 percent participation is not required, all members of the organisation DO have the opportunity to participate throughout the process, even if this participation is passive. 

Because of the nature of the process, PlusOne provides skilled virtual meeting facilitation. If required, involvement can be anonymous to other participants. This allows participants to actively participate, without personal or 'local politics' inhibiting the process. 

As facilitators, we develop appropriate contexts and perform the administrative tasks associated with the compilation and processing of data and distribution of the results. If a face-to-face meeting is not being held, we can host an on-line 'de-brief' for participants. 

We can run our Virtual Consultation & E-Workshops Service for you no matter what country you are in.

Se also our Public Engagement service.

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